BREAK FREE is a part of the photo and installation project „Dichotomie„.

It is a self-study and analysis about the diversity and complexity of the facets and different personalities of a human being.

The projects works on different levels and uses different tools, mediums and instruments to visualize the inner world and make the unseen seen.

This is a portrait story about Paradise.

A model, muse and designer living and working in Iran.

I met her in May 2019 and was fascinated by her energy and aura.


Paradise is wearing designs by MYRYAM KIANERSI and TRINAGLE PARADISE.


Iran. 2019

In May 2019 I was traveling through one of the most beautiful und fascinating country I have ever been to: Iran

The beauty is not just represented by the country and the culture itself but mostly by the warm-hearted and open minded people I met.

I got to know so many great creative minds and spirits and it was a blast meeting and working with every one of them!


This story is about female power and strength. It was shot at a place that was traditionally used to train male warriors.

Muse herefore is the great Shirin, wearing LANGARDI.



Iran. 2019